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Told you guys I would get up a clean-eating challenge for you! Here it is! #TEAMNOCHEATS until Halloween! I’m starting today, which you are welcome to do with me, but the challenge will officially start on October 1st! You can read the details in the picture - but just remember that this is meant to be a fun challenge, not something overly restrictive or unhealthy. Cheat meals are 100% ok and a part of a healthy lifestyle (moderation!) however sometimes it helps to try to eat as clean as possible for as long as possible to really see results, break a plateau, etc. Your reward at the end of the challenge on October 31st is EATING EVERYTHING YOU WANT ON HALLOWEEN! Go nuts! Eat whatever you want! I will be! Enjoy yourselves with this challenge - I want to see your progress, your posts, your pictures - so remember to use the hashtag on tumblr and Instagram :) Reblog this so I can know you are participating and spread the word!

for those of you wondering what the heck is going on xD

your fave is extremely problematic: adiba rapmonsters



  1. is a mir sympathizer 
  2. thinks changmin is more attractive than yunho
  3. said this appalling statement Word for Word “But like yunho isn’t even a hot dad he’s literally just a dad the type that goes bowling with his friends on saturday but other than that has a boring life working as an accountant in a boring office cubicle that lives w his family in a suburban neighborhood.” 


sweetkumma asked:

Hi I'm selling my ticket since my ride bailedon me and i cant go. I livein houston txbut myticket is in section 103 row q seat 14 for 120 I paid 150 pass the word around please I need to get rid of it asap

Everyone, attention!! This girl is selling her ticket! Message her if interested! It seems to be a great deal~

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